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Hey friends! I’m Valerie (she/her)

I’m so happy you’re here, and that we have the opportunity to connect and hopefully create something beautiful together. Pride in Pixels was born from a deep love and passion for my LGBTQ community, as well as my desire to capture genuine love stories. I’m a firm believer that inclusivity is a core value, all bodies, all colors, and all types of love are celebrated. 

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Some fun facts about your photographer –

I’m a Midwestern Native.
College GameDay is always about MS State Bulldawgs! 
International travel is my favorite. 
Weakness for Taco Bell. 
The L Word and Pretty Little Liars can usually be found playing in the background while I edit. 
Dr. Pepper and a Stanley full of water are always in my cup holders.
I consider it a well spent day if the top of my JEEP is off and my bare feet have touched the Earth. 
I swear a lot and laugh even more!  

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